Dusty Road Labradors


Quincy is developing into a beautiful stud.  He will be shown in a few local shows in 2019.  


Quincy at 1 year of age

Quincy at 1 year old

Quincy at 1 year of age

We are proud to introduce SANTY’S GALLIVANT’N ON A DUSTY ROAD, aka Quincy.  Quincy’s sire is CH Gallivant Wellington and he has MANY names we all recognize — Tabatha, Annuals, Paradocs.  CH Kimleigh Gucci Roll in the Moon is Quincy’s maternal great-grandfather and also Maggie’s father.  

Quincy came from Santy Labradors in South Carolina.  This is our 2nd lab from Santy Labradors.  Pedro Olvera is a wonderful person to work with.  We hope our paths will cross some day.

UPDATE 3/25/18:  Quincy came to us at a very bad time.  We had Emma’s puppies and didn’t know we were to have major problems with Prim’s litter.  We allowed Quincy to be a fun-loving puppy taking training much slower than we usually do.  Now that the puppies are all placed, it’s time to get serious with training.  

UPDATE 4/25/19:  Quincy has completed three obedience classes at Companion Dog Club.  He has turned the head of more than one trainer  suggesting Mark continue with obedience classes.

We have decided to try Quincy in the conformation ring in 2019.  Wish us luck!!!

AKC Name: Santy’s Gallivant’n on a Dusty Road
AKC No.: SS02413407
DAM: Queijeiro Praga
SIRE: CH Gallivant Wellington
DOB: 11/15/2017
CERF: Passed 2-18
prcd/PRA: Clear
EIC: Clear
CNM&DM Clear/Clear

We have made the decision to neuter Conrad.  He is 8-years old and we know the health risks to Conrad if we keep him intact.

Conrad IS NOT available for rehoming.  He will stay here and continue his therapy dog visits.

Conrad was a wonderful stud.  He is gentle, has a calm disposition, and loves his people.  His puppies have his demeanor and wonderful proper coat.  He also is a certified therapy dog and loves going on pet therapy visits. Click Here to view Conrad’s Pedigree.

AKC Name: Clearcreek Bonaventure No Guts No Glory
AKC No.: SR64433102
DAM: BonaVenture Windfall Glory
SIRE: CH Summerlin Call to Duty
DOB: 8-23-2010
CERF: Jan 2016 Normal
prcd/PRA: Clear by Parentage
EIC: Carrier (DDC)
CNM: Clear