Dusty Road Labradors


This page is going to contain pictures and stories that we have experienced in our 12 years of breeding. Breeding dogs isn’t for the faint of heart or the person who knows everything. When I think I have ‘it’ down pat, the ‘it’ changes. I always say that when we stop learning that it is time to have our last litter.

We have met so many great puppy parents over the year. This is definitely a work in progress.


The link above is Gretchen’s introduction to being on TV. She was a ‘prop’ to advertise the 2019 Council Bluffs Kennel Club’s dog show.

This little guy has a green ribbon. He was a runt in the litter and he was not able to get enough nourishment. I brought Green and Brown to the house to feed them every 3 hours and take them to mom for a few minutes several times a day. These two little guys pulled at my heartstrings. Because they were smaller, Dr. Kaliff suggested keeping them additional 2 weeks. Green was very sensitive and I wanted a home that he would fit into well. We had a family that had come to our open house. There was a mom and dad and three daughters high school/college age. When they visited, they were so gentle with all the puppies but especially caring when they held Green and Brown. This was to be Green’s family. I have never selected a family for a puppy or a puppy for a family but this was so very important to me. They were ectastic with Green coming home with them. When they picked him up, I cried and cried. I was so happy with Green’s new family and I knew he had a good home.

This is Sera. She nearly lost her first litter as she has uterine inertia. Contractions came on as normal and then mysteriously stopped,. The band that is around her tummy is a monitor that will pick up if she is having contractions. The company providing the monitor is Whelp-wise of Colorado. By the time of her due date, we were monitoring her 3-4 times a day. At about 9:00 pm after sending the info to the Colorado office we were told she was in labor and we would have puppies by morning. Thank God we had the monitor on her. They called about 6:00 am telling us her contractions had stopped. Not only did they call us but called Dr. Kaliff to let her now what was or rather what was not happening. Sera had an emergency c-section at 8:00 am saving all the puppies. This was Sera’s second and last litter of puppies.
This puppy is Gunner and his owner Larry. Larry’s family had been sick with the flu so we were about to enjoy Gunner for a few more days.


Our good friend Jeff comes to visit each and every litter to play with the puppies. Funny, both his own puppies are black!
Conrad ‘playing’ with granddaughter Cheyenne.
The little black puppy in the middle is Tornado. Tornado was small and his bowels didn’t work quite wrong. We were giving him enemas to make him poop. After about 5 days of enemas, we with Dr Kaliff decided things weren’t going to get better. It was time to euthanize him. I was sitting at the counter and could see directly into the whelping box. I no more than hung up that Tornado pooped!! I hurried and called Dr. Kaliff back. We both were excited but more relieved for this beautiful puppy. Tornado went to Las Cruces NM, to live with Carrie and her family.