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This page is dedicated to all the wonderful families that have welcomed a Dusty Road puppy into their lives.  We thank you for choosing Dusty Road Labradors!

Paige and Conrad’s November 2o13 litter: 

Eleanor Mavis (previously Green) with new Mom

Eleanor Mavis (previously Green) with new Mom

Shelby (previously Yellow) with new Mom and Dad and Brother

Shelby (previously Yellow) with new Mom and Dad and Brother

Josie (previously Pink) with her new Mom and sister.  Dad and her other sister were playing at the park.

Josie (previously Pink) with her new Mom and sister. Dad and her other sister were playing at the park.

Gunner (previously Blue) was the lone male of this litter.  Gunner is shown here with his new Dad.

Gunner (previously Blue) was the lone male of this litter. Gunner is shown here with his new Dad.






Rafe & Castle

Grandma Kris sent this picture of son Rafe, right, and Castle, 8-2-12 litter.  She added the following about Rafe and Castle:

He goes with Rafe almost everywhere,  EVERYONE loves Castle
His friendly disposition wins him everyone’s love.  he is mostly off leash because Rafe has trained him to stick to his side.
Did I tell you he sleeps with Rafe at night. 
What a special, wonderful dog he is. 

This picture of Rafe and Castle tells the story of why we raise English Labs.  Castle is just a puppy in these pictures.  Maybe puppy age but not puppy maturity!_______________________________

Dusty Roads Sweet Briar Rose (Rosie) is now living with Ande and Tom.  Ande and Tom are parents of Andrea and Dave who have Jack, a brother.  How wonderful to have two puppies in the family to play together!


Blue Heaven Labradors sent us this picture of Macy.  Macy is from the PippaXJasper litter in December 2011.  What a beautiful young lady!


Our Libby has a new home with Catie.  We prayed for a special home for Libby, and our prayers were answered.  These two sweet girls are best buds!!  Visited with Catie’s dad last night.  He said everything is great with Catie and Libby.  In fact, Libby sleeps with Catie!  What a wonderful forever home…thank you!

Catie and Libby
Catie and Libby

This is a family affair.  Ed and Kathy (dad and mom) and Scott and Renae (son and daughter-in-law) each bought a puppy from the 2011 litter.  Scott and Renae named their boy Denali.  Ed and Kathy named their girl Rosie.  This is a picture of the two puppies.

Denli and Rosie

Ed wanted a puppy to sit on his lap.  As you can see, if Rosie gets much bigger, there won’t be enough lap to sit on!!


Scott and Renae are enjoying being parents to Denali.  They think he is a wonderful puppy!  Scott and Renae sent this beautiful picture of Denali in September and a note “We absolutely LOVE Denali!…He is the best puppy ever! He is calm and very quiet. We will try and get a picture sent off.  Our vet even asked us where we got him from, because he had a family that had to put their Golden Retriever down and was interested in getting a puppy and he was impressed with how calm he was and sat while the vet worked on his ears…(he had an ear infection).  He loves it when I take him to work…if only all employees got out of their car to run to the door :) We talk about how lucky we were to find your website and get a puppy from Pippa.  Scott keeps telling me that Denali is an exception and not all puppies are as good as him.. :) Your new puppies look really cute! Take care, Scott and Renae”




Tucker‘s mom and dad, Debbie and Tom, called to tell us how much they love Tucker.  He is a quiet puppy and quick to learn.  They also said he was the best puppy they had ever had.

Colleen takes her puppy Scooby Doo to the office where he is a hit.

Hannah F. says “I just wanted to let you know that Oliver is doing fantastic and is such a good puppy. Me and my dad take him out to a feild often and let him run around but he usually stays right next to us. He loves it. He is getting so big! The last time we took him to the vet which was about a week ago he weighed 17 lbs! His fur is getting more course and he is getting heavier! I hope you enjoy the pictures of him running around in our front yard!”



Wendy J, says “Bailey Rose is growing so fast. She is such a good girl. She has learned to sit and lay down.”




Reese’s parents Jerry and Becky sent us this picture.  Thanks!




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