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Blu’s Puppy Blog – October 2019

Male puppy on left, female puppy on right; 11:00 pm Sunday

I’m getting ready to start Blu’s blog sharing the first 8 weeks of her puppies’ life..

If you have any questions, please ask for clarification. If I write something and it just isn’t clear, please bring this to my attention

Blu is starting to look pregnant. Her official due date is October 8. Mark and I are so excited about this litter. Tripp is a beautiful boy and Blu is a gorgeous girl so we anticipate a striking litter of puppies.

When the blog gets officially underway, I write on top of the last entry. One must scroll to the bottom to read the blog.

Monday, 6 JanuaryI would like to apologize for not finishing Blu’s blog. I had sinus surgery in August and started having problems keeping my oxygen up especially after climbing steps or moderate activity. I also developed a Pulmonary Embolism, the second in less than a year. I am now on Eliquis and have oxygen available at home. It appears that I will be on Eliquis the rest of my life. I am doing much better but tire easily.

Back to the pups. We kept the female pup we named Gretchen. Kristen and Eric are proud parents of the male pup they named Rork. Both are beautiful puppies constantly exploring their new worlds.

Sunday, 3 November – The puppies are doing great. The female is weighing 5 pounds 14 ounces and the male is 4 pounds 12 ounces.

The puppies have teeth now so puppy food is now on the menu. They are eating 3-4 times a day. Blu is leaving them alone a little more each day.

They have been introduced to toys. The female slept thru the introducing of the toys but the male was quite interested.

'I'm a big boy now'

Thursday, 24 October – Sorry I have been under the weather and haven’t updated the blog.

The puppies’ eyes are opening. Just a slight opening on the inside of their eyes. With eye sight, crawling and then walking will be right around the corner. They are gaining more each day. The boy weighs 3 pounds 10 ounces and the girl weighs 4 pounds 4 ounces. Yes, they are chunky monkeys!! Like toddlers, their weight will change when they start walking.

Blu is starting to stay out of the whelping box a little more each day. We still have the heat lamp on the puppies and it is probably uncomfortable for Blu. Once they are up walking and their temperatures have stabilized, the heat lamp will be turned off.

The puppies have had their nails trimmed this week. They had their first 3-day worming as well as Blu.

puppies 2 1/2 weeks old

Friday, 18 October – The puppies are just about up on all fours, their eyes should be open soon, and their ears will soon start hearing. Puppies are growing like weeds. Blu is such a good mom. Enjoy some new pictures

Both puppies sleeping on their backs
Puppies nursing 12 days old

Wednesday, 16 October – We don’t name our puppies. A colored ribbon is used to identify the puppies. In this case, there is a boy and a girl. That should be an easy way to tell who’s who. Well, it’s not working out for me or the puppies. The puppies are so close in weight (boy is 2#12 ounces and the girl is 2#14 ounces) that just looking at the two of them I can’t tell the difference. Ok, now I turn them over every time to see who’s who. I think I’ll get the ribbons out tomorrow. How about a pink ribbon for the girl and a blue ribbon for the boy?

They say the puppies’ weight should double in 10 days. Pink was 18 ounces at birth and 46 ounces today, day 10. This is a 2.5 percent increase. Blue was 20 ounces at birth and 44 ounces today, day 10. This is a 2.2 percent increase.

We are watching their weights closely. When puppies gain weight at this rate, sometimes they can’t get up on their legs to start walking. We are attempting to keep Blu out of the whelping box a few times a day. One could say we’ve put these two on diets!!

We are watching for their eyes to open and for them to begin walking around.

Enjoy the pictures!

'stuck' puppy
I heard a puppy fussing. I figured Blu was cleaning the puppy causing all the crying. Nope, just a stuck puppy!!
Compare this picture with the thermometer to one when they were new borns
This isn’t the best picture…sorry.

Sunday, 13 October – All is well in the whelping box! Blu is an excellent mother and the puppies are growing like weeds!!! We are weighing once a day to make sure each are gaining. We have imprinted the puppies which is desensitizing them. Touching their paws helps with cutting nails. Stroking their face will help if they are show dogs and need to allow their teeth to be shown.

We are seeing the black pigment come into their nose and pads. They are born all white and the black pigment comes about this time.

We will see their eyes open about 10-12 days. They will have hearing about the same time. They are deaf and blind when they are born.

We are watching Blu for mastitis. All 10 nipples have milk but there are only 2 puppies to nurse.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

nursing sitting up
nursing sitting up

nose getting pigment
paw getting pigment

Thursday, 10 October – Mark and I have managed to catch up on sleep from the weekend and have our wits about us. Those of you that have met Mark and me might find it hard that we ever have our wits about us!!!

We have talked to Dr. Kaliff about the size of the litter, what we could have done different, and Blu’s breeding future. She suggested we call Dr. Kelly Stitch, a reproduction specialist, who completed our progesterone tests on our girls when they are in heat. Both agreed Blu probably isn’t a dog who is going to have 10-12 puppies. She is probably a 4-6 girl. We can’t blame the small litter or slow labor or large puppies on our food or how much we feed Blu. The puppies will take from mom what they need. We all agreed we should have done a c-section. We try to learn something even in the worst of situations. We plan to breed Blu again with a scheduled/planned c-section.

It was very difficult notifying those on the list of the outcome. We thank each of you for the kind words you have shared with Mark and me. We feel our puppy buyers are the best in the world! Thanks!!!

Wednesday, 9 October – Today the puppies are 3 days old. We took the puppies and Blu to Dr. Kaliff for dew claw removal and exams. She thought the puppies were in excellent condition as well as Blu. I put the puppies in a basket with a handle with heat on the bottom to keep them warm. Blu has shown a tremendous amount of being protective of her babies. Maybe she knows how hard she worked to get these little guys!!

The weights of the puppies is increasing steadily. Male weighed 1 pound 4.5 ounces at birth – today’s weight is 1 pound 12 ounces. The female weighed 1 pound 2 ounces at birth – today’s weight is 1 pound 9 ounces.

3 days old, off to see Dr. Kaliff

Saturday and Sunday, 5-6 October – We were taking Blu’s temperature and it had not dropped yet. We went to lunch with a friend and hurried home to check on Blu. Her temperature dropped about 3:00 pm. Yipee, we’ll have puppies in 12-24 hours. Saturday evening ran into Sunday. Soon it is Sunday afternoon. Finally Blu’s water broke about 2:00 pm. We waited as Blu’s contractions got stronger and she started to push.

We had been in touch with Dr. Kaliff monitoring Blu’s progression. At 5:00 pm there was not a puppy. Off to Midwest Emergency to have Blu evaluated. Our fear was that the first puppy was stuck. We were pleasantly surprised to find out the baby was not stuck and was within inches of being born. Blu finally has puppy #1 at about 6:30 pm. Our puppies are usually 15-16 ounces. Puppy #1 weighed 20.4 ounces.

We head home to have the other 3 puppies. Puppies #2 and #3 were stillborn. Finally puppy #4 is born. Puppy #4 weighs about 18 ounces.

We have a male and a female puppy. What a weekend!!

Monday morning, note size of thermometer in comparison to puppies
Male puppy on left, female puppy on right; 11:00 pm Sunday
Male on left, female on right; picture taken at 11:00 pm on Sunday

Thursday, 3 October – Today we are going to Dr. Kaliff of Animal Clinic Suburban in Omaha. Blu is having an x-ray to see how many puppies to expect. Mark says 8 puppies and I say 7 puppies. We wait patiently to see the x-ray. As we entered the room, our eyes could see the x-ray. We could not believe what we were seeing — four puppies — four very large puppies. We were concerned for Blu as these puppies were very long which meant more time spent pushing. Dr. Kaliff measured the heads and compared them to Blu’s winter litter finding them the same size. Blu should be able to deliver the heads and the bodies will quickly follow. Little did we know how the weekend would start with Blu in the first stages of labor and end with the birth of her puppies.

Monday, 30 September – Today is day 55 and the blog has started! Blu has been in the house growing bigger and bigger each day. Her pre-pregnancy body is gone and she looks like a dog that is ready to whelp in 8 days.

Day 55 of 63

Friday, 20 September – Today is day 45 for Blu’s pregnancy. We were gone for a few days and couldn’t believe how much she has grown while we were gone. Blu came to the house yesterday. She is still able to jump on the love seat so she has found her spot!

The babies are moving from under her rib cage to her flank area. Her mammary glands are swelling up.

Blu resting on loveseat arm